1 week

This is our site. Most companies don't put their own site in their portfolios, but I felt it would be appropriate to point out a few things.

MediaSpine is built using Drupal, a popular content management system. Drupal is a bit overkill for a site this simple, but we decided to use it because we love it. It's powerful.

The first thing you'll notice is the simplicity of the front page. There's not even a copyright notice. Minimalist design is the rage these days, but we're going ultra-minimalist. Call it a design preference. We overrode the entire standard design, added some CSS, Javascript, and custom images, and that's it.

Some inspiration came from the article The Surprising Truth About Ugly Websites. The article (and others like it) point out that distractions should be avoided at all costs. Sometimes a Google result which shows the site index below it is more effective at helping a user navigate a site than the actual site. If that's the case, there's a violation of the fundamental laws of usability.

Speaking of usability, you may notice many similarities between this site and the site of usability guru Jakob Nielsen. It was actually unintentional, but stands as evidence that we're on the right path here at MediaSpine.

One of the biggest design decisions was to not include a menu on any page but the front page. It violates almost every rule of design out there - however, it also requires us to keep thing simple and get a little creative. To navigate our site, you have two main tools at your disposal: the MediaSpine logo which links back to the front page and the "back" button in your browser. These constraints help us keep our sitemap simple and shallow. Read more at

We did the naming, branding, logo, and site design in-house. Our team has a keen eye for good design. We have a lot of "preferences".